Policy and Guidelines

An employee is entitled to leave for defence reserve service for a maximum continuous period of 78 weeks.

Under the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 (Cth)External Link , an employee must not be hindered or prevented from volunteering to render and, or rendering defence service.

An employee will consult with their manager or principal regarding the timing of the defence service and give the manager or principal as much notice as is possible of the time when the service will take place.

Where the base salary, excluding allowances, received by the employee from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in respect of defence service during their ordinary hours of work is below the employee's substantive salary, the employee will, unless exceptional circumstances arise, be paid make-up pay, up to the employee's substantive salary for the period of defence service. In the event of a change to the pay an employee receives from the ADF or defence reserve service whilst on defence reserve leave, the employee must notify their manager or principal as soon as practicable.

An employee who is required to complete defence service in excess of the maximum of 78 continuous weeks may request other forms of leave to be used in conjunction with any approved defence reserve leave entitlement to cover the required period of absence.

Leave for defence reserve service will count as service for all purposes.

For Victorian Public Service employees in employment prior to 9 May 2002, any more favourable provision relating to their previous entitlement to defence force leave is maintained.

Policy and Guidelines for Leave for Defence Reserve Service

Reviewed 19 April 2021

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