To support principals in introducing the policy to their staff, conversation cards have been developed to promote behaviour consistent with the policy. These cards can be used in a workshop format or during team meetings to prompt discussion about what a good practice response to various scenarios might look like.

The conversation cards include a general facilitator guide. Below is an example of one way the cards could be used to run a 30-minute activity.

The Department’s Intellectual Property and Copyright Quick Reference Guide for schoolsExternal Link (staff login required) is a quick reference sheet describing the Department’s IP principles and key considerations for dealing with copyright matters.

SmartcopyingExternal Link — the official guide to copyright issues for all Australian schools. Smartcopying resources for schools include:

Copyright permission form — student workExternal Link (staff login required) — form to seek permission for use of student work.

Copyright permission form — external third partiesExternal Link (staff login required) — form to seek permission for use of third party works from external organisations or individuals.

For information on copying for students ‘learning from home’ during the COVID-19 period, refer to: Online tools for collaboration and learningExternal Link on the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) website.

Creative Commons licences

The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence (CC BY 4.0) is the default licence for the Department and schools’ publications and websites.

See the Guidance tab for things to consider before releasing material to the public.

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Reviewed 30 January 2024

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