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Fraud and Corruption Control


Whole-of-Department policy and guide

For whole-of-Department systems and processes for preventing, detecting and responding to fraud and corruption refer to:

The operational guide supports the policy; together they set out the Department’s approach to the management of fraud and corruption risks. The operational guide sets out the actions the Department takes to prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption.  

Speak Up service

Speak Up supports staff who don't feel comfortable raising their concerns directly with the Department. Speak Up is a 24-hour externally hosted hotline to report concerns about suspected fraud, corruption and improper conduct. Reports to the Speak Up service can be made anonymously.  All reports are provided to the Department’s Fraud and Corruption Control Unit for assessment.

Refer to Education Speak Up service for further information. 

Fact sheets

Other resources

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Reviewed 17 February 2021

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