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Equipment Isolation and Tag Out

1 Identification of unsafe equipment

The principal and/or their delegate must ensure equipment identified as being unsafe or requiring maintenance work, is switched off and disconnected from any energy source, such as:

  • electrical lead removed from a power supply or
  • connector hose removed from a gas cylinder

If employees operating or inspecting equipment identify any equipment that is unsafe or in need of maintenance or repair, they are to take corrective steps, as above and notify the principal and/or their delegate.

Examples of unsafe equipment may include:

  • electrical lead insulation that is pulled away from the plug, exposing the wires
  • electrical plant and equipment that does not start / stop when switched on and connected to a power source or operates in an unusual manner
  • signs of damage and/or excessive wear and tear; for example, exposed wires, missing or damaged guards, signs of scorching or degraded fluid or gas lines
  • leaking fluids (such as brake or hydraulic)
  • damaged pins / plugs on electrical leads
  • rusted or damaged gas fittings

Out of service equipment tag examples

Out of service equipment tag examples
Out of service equipment tag examples

This image shows two types of 'Out of Service' tags to be used on equipment which must not be used or operated, showing both the front and back of the tags.

The first tag is bright yellow with bold lettering 'Caution - Out of Service' while the second uses the traditional 'Danger' design with diagonal red and white stripes.

Both versions allow space for an authorised person to add a reason for being out of service.

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Chapter 1 of the Equipment Isolation and Tag Out Procedure on identifying unsafe equipment

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