What is an employment limitation?

An employment limitation (also known as an employment restriction) is a limitation on a person’s eligibility for employment with the department or a school council. An employment limitation may be applied when a question arises about a person’s suitability to be employed in a Victorian government school or in another department workplace.

The imposition of an employment limitation is a process internal to the department and relates to a person’s suitability to be an employee of the department.

In practical terms, when an employment limitation is put in place, a notation is made on the person’s departmental Human Resources record. These alerts authorised users of the central payroll to the fact that there may be an issue with the person’s employment or re-employment.

Once applied, the employment limitation has immediate effect.

An employment limitation may:

  • preclude a person from any further employment with the department or
  • limit the terms under which a person is to be employed (for example, a teacher may be restricted to fixed term periods of employment or to casual relief teaching).
Chapter of the Employment Limitation Policy explaining what an employment limitation is

Reviewed 29 October 2023

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