The Department of Education has an obligation to support the maintenance of proper standards of performance and conduct for employees of the department, and to protect and provide for the welfare and safety of students and other employees. In this context, from time to time persons are considered unsuitable for employment with the department and may have an employment limitation imposed.

The process of imposing an employment limitation aims to balance fair and reasonable treatment of former employees and, or job applicants with the department’s fundamental responsibility to protect the welfare and safety of students and other employees and to comply with its legal obligations.

These Guidelines set out the department’s policy on employment limitations. The Guidelines explain what an employment limitation is, the legal basis to impose a limitation, circumstances when a limitation may be applied and review mechanisms where a person seeks to have a limitation removed.

In these Guidelines, a reference to the department includes a reference to a school council established under Part 2.3 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (ETR Act) and a reference to an employee includes a reference to a person employed under Part 2.3 or Part 2.4 of the ETR Act or section 20 of the Public Administration Act 2004 (the PA Act).

Relevant legislation

Employment Limitation Overview

Reviewed 26 May 2023

Policy last updated

21 December 2022


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