About PAL

What is PAL?

The Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) for schools is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all Department policy and related operational guidance and resources that apply to Victorian government schools.

School-based staff are the main audience for PAL. It was created as part of the Employee Wellbeing and Operational Policy reforms and brings together all sources of Department policy for schools that previously existed in multiple locations, replacing the School Policy and Advisory Guide (SPAG) and some other sections of the Department’s website and intranet. PAL launched on 15 June 2020.

There are a very small number of topics in PAL that also apply to non-government schools:

  • School Bus Program
  • Conveyance Allowance
  • Structured Workplace Learning
  • Work Experience
  • Vocational education and training (VET) delivered to secondary students

How often is PAL updated?

PAL is a continual work in progress as we update and improve content to ensure that schools are able to access information that is clear and accurate. PAL content will be reviewed at a minimum every 3 years but many policies are reviewed more regularly. The ‘last updated’ date will show when substantive changes were last made.

How will I know when a policy is updated?

Currently, most PAL topics show 15 June 2020 as the date for ‘last updated’. This is because all Department policies were transitioned to PAL on that date.

When a Department policy on PAL is significantly changed, Victorian government schools will be notified through the weekly School Update that is emailed to all school principals and business managers. Staff can also see which topics have changed through the Recently updated PAL topics section on the PAL homepage. This will summarise changes to the content of PAL topics that schools need to know about. Typographical and non-substantive changes will not be listed in the Recently updated PAL topics section.

What is not included in PAL?

PAL only contains operational policy, guidance and resources. Please visit the Department’s website for all information about programs, professional development, teaching and curriculum resources, student health and wellbeing initiatives, students with additional needs, school closures, news and all other information that is not operational policy.

What is the difference between PAL and the School Policy Templates Portal?

The School Policy Templates Portal is for all local school policy templates for Victorian government schools. This is housed on the Department’s intranet site, staff login required. When schools need to find a template to help them write a local policy (with their school logo and name, which they localise for their own environment), the School Policy Templates Portal is still the place to go. PAL is for all Department policy applying to schools and school-based staff – for example HR, finance, infrastructure, school council governance, OHS, student health safety and wellbeing, ICT, student administration and general school operations.

How do I provide feedback about PAL?

Please provide us with your feedback by:

  • clicking yes or no on ‘Was this page helpful?’ at the bottom of each PAL topic page. When you choose an option, a feedback box will appear which you can type comments into. Remember, if you want us to know who you are or you want us to respond, you will need to provide your email address or contact details as well.
  • emailing the Operational Policy, School Engagement and Compliance Division at

Reviewed 20 April 2021