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The Public Service Medal is awarded to staff in the public sector twice a year, to coincide with the Australia Day and Queen's Birthday Honours Lists. A maximum of 100 medals can be awarded in Australia in any year, with 17 medals available to Victorians.

The Public Service Medal is awarded for service above and beyond the normal requirements of the position. The medal is not awarded for long service and it is not reserved for senior officers — all public sector employees at all levels are eligible for the award.

The nomination process is strictly confidential — nominees should not be informed of their nomination. Successful nominees may decline the award when approached by the Honours Secretariat if they wish.

Department nomination process

Members of the Teaching Service (principal class, teacher class and education support class) and VPS staff may all be nominated. The written support of a Regional Director or Executive Director is requested with the initial nomination.

The nomination needs to include an overview of the nominee's achievements and clear examples of distinguishing qualities that set the nominee apart from other people in similar roles.

Nominations will also benefit from the following:

  • referee statements from a variety of sources, including statements from beyond the immediate work environment
  • evidence that the nominee's contribution has been over and above what might normally be expected of someone in this role
  • evidence that the nomination would be well received by the nominee's peers and by the wider community

Further information

  1. Nominations are sought twice a year, by way of Departmental Circulars to school and corporate locations.
  2. The nomination form is available in PDF or Word format at the Victorian Government's Public Service MedalExternal Link page.
  3. Secretary endorsement will be sought for all submitted applications.
  4. For further information refer contact details below.

More information about the award and previous winners is available on the Department's Public Service MedalExternal Link page.

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