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21 November 2022


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February 2020



This page explains the Department's Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the initiatives to promote a safe and supportive environment for school leaders to be their best.



Healthy principals are central to ensuring a positive environment for teaching and successful outcomes for students.


There are dedicated services provided under the Principal Health and Wellbeing StrategyExternal Link that commenced in 2018:

For more information on the services, refer to the Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy intranet pageExternal Link .


The Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy defines an integrated framework of supports that can work together to promote and sustain principals' health and wellbeing. The strategy maps existing supports across the system, fills gaps, and encourages everyone who works with principals to consider health and wellbeing in everything they do. This approach ensures an effective team around the principal to support their health and wellbeing.

The strategy was developed following a comprehensive needs analysis of the health and wellbeing challenges faced by principals and a review of leading practice research. The findings of this review were published in the Principal Health and Wellbeing Discussion PaperExternal Link .

Relevant legislation



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Background material

Programs and services that support principal mental health and wellbeing (staff login required)

Other resources to assist principals

The School Administration Support Hub (SASH)External Link (staff login required) is a centralised support service for small schools with up to 200 students enrolled. SASH provides support with financial and payroll administration processes to reduce administrative workload for small school principals.

Principal health and wellbeing intranet pageExternal Link (staff login required) contains information on principal health and wellbeing, including key supports and contact details.

Reviewed 20 March 2020