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Planned Maintenance Program

Guidelines for funding allocations up to $50,000

The information in this section applies to schools that receive up to $50,000 in Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) funding. Funding allocations up to $50,000 are school led.

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) provides a funding declaration form for schools in this category. The form helps the VSBA ensure funding is spent for its intended purpose. The form requires department regional office approval before any funds are provided to the school. After the declaration form has been approved by the regional office, schools may enter into contracts for planned maintenance projects valued up to $50,000.

To ensure the department fulfils its mandatory obligations under the Project Development and Construction Management Act 1994 (Vic)External Link and the Ministerial Directions and Instructions for Public Construction ProcurementExternal Link , schools seeking to enter such contracts must comply with the Procuring Low-value Construction Works or Services Policy.

Acquittal of funding

Schools that receive up to $50,000 in funding will be responsible for the acquittal of the funds and completion of maintenance works at the school.

100% of the funding is paid to the school after region has approved (Step 4).

The acquittal process is detailed below.

  • Complete sections A to D of the Planned maintenance program funding declaration form (DOCX)External Link :

    • Section A: School details
    • Section B: Planned maintenance program (PMP) funding allocation information
    • Section C: Agreement
    • Section D: Date and signature
  • Submit the Planned maintenance program funding declaration form (DOCX)External Link and a copy of the school’s funding letter to the condition assessment portal.

    Note that the relevant documentation must be uploaded and submitted on the Condition assessment portalExternal Link (staff login required). Log in to this portal using the school’s login details and click on the ‘Submit your Online School Plan’ option in the menu bar on the left of the page. This will bring you to an online form whereby the school can upload the funding acquittal form and funding letter.

  • Await regional approval before engaging contractors to complete the works.

    The regional provision planning staff will review and if there no issues, approve the submission. The school will receive an email when the submission has been approved. Once the submission has been approved, the school may engage contractors in accordance with procurement policy to undertake works.

  • Mark the items as complete in the school maintenance plan. Package items together that utilised PMP funds and update the cost of the package to the PMP funding amount.

Guidelines applying to schools that receive up to $50,000 in Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) funding

Reviewed 29 September 2022

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