PAL Help

Structure of PAL

PAL topics are divided into three tabs:

  • Policy – outlines official Department policy. Sometimes this tab is labelled ‘Advice’ when the content is not a policy but is important operational advice on a topic.
  • Guidance – this is where more detailed and often lengthier information is provided such as guidelines and procedures to implement the policy. There is a menu to navigate the table of contents for lengthier information in this tab. This is found on the right hand side when using a desktop or notebook computer or in the ‘View all chapters’ menu on a mobile device.
  • Resources – these are links to other websites and downloadable resources that schools can use to help with implementing the policy or guidance.

All human resources (HR) topics that apply to school-based staff have transitioned from HRWeb to PAL. They have retained the same structure as content on HRWeb with the three tabs being Overview, Policy and Guidelines, Resources.

Searching PAL

There are three ways to find a topic in PAL:

  • Keyword search – simply type a keyword in to the search bar to see all search results from within PAL. Pages from other areas of the Department of Education and Training's website will not appear in the results. You can search on PAL using Boolean operators.
  • A-Z index – this lists all topics in PAL regardless of subject matter or category. Topics are listed only once – there are no longer multiple entries for the same topic. For this reason we have tried to make topic names as intuitive as possible. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the A-Z, try the keyword search function instead.
  • Filter topics by category – this enables users to filter the A-Z by a particular category. For example, you can choose to view only policies that have been categorised as HR policies, or OHS, or School Council policies.

Contact us


Staff in Victorian government schools or regional and central offices of the Department can contact the Operational Policy, School Engagement and Compliance Division in People and Executive Services to seek assistance with any of the information in PAL:

Phone: 03 7022 1888

Training available for staff

Staff can register through My LearnED on eduPay (login required) to join a short webinar on using and getting the most out of PAL. Type ‘PAL’ into the ‘Find Learning’ field and choose a session.

Staff can also use the contact details above to request a member of the Operational Policy, School Engagement and Compliance Division to come to a local principal network meeting or other relevant staff meeting to provide a demonstration and answer any questions about using PAL.

Parents and members of the public

If you are a parent or other member of the public and you have a query please refer to the Contact us page on the Department’s website to find the relevant contact number for your regional office.

Reviewed 20 April 2021