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15 June 2020


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January 2020



The purpose of this policy is to ensure schools offer the appropriate level of support for students who need supervision when eating or drinking for their safety and wellbeing at school.


It is recommended that schools develop a Student Health Support PlaExternal Link n for any student who, for medical reasons, requires supervision when eating and drinking.

Requirement for supervision

Students may need supervision with eating and drinking when they:

  • have difficulty with oral intake of food and drink and need assistance with the procedure
  • are not able to manage the volume of intake necessary for their health and wellbeing
  • have complex medical needs such as:
    • taking food or fluid via a tube through their nose or directly into their stomach (via nasal or gastric tube feeding)
    • risk of aspiration (inhaling food or fluid into the lung) and require suctioning


For students who need supervision whilst eating and drinking schools should request the student’s medical/health practitioner such as a speech pathologist completes a Personal Care Medical Advice Form — Oral Eating and DrinkingExternal Link and must develop a Student Health Support PlanExternal Link to address routine and special events, such as parties.

Students with complex medical needs may be referred to the Schoolcare Program.External Link



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