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15 June 2020


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February 2020



This policy clarifies roles and responsibilities of parents and schools in relation to students travelling to and from school, particularly in relation to cycling.


  • Parents or carers are responsible for their children travelling to and from school.
  • Principals are responsible for student travel during excursions (including local excursions) that is, between school and other venues during school hours.


Parents or carers are responsible for their children travelling to and from school. This includes all forms of travel to get to school.

Principals and teachers in charge of excursions are responsible for student travel between school and other venues (during excursions, including local excursions) during school hours.

If student travel between venues is by bike then the principal should take into account the student’s:

  • age
  • cycling experience
  • ability to perceive hazards
  • traffic conditions
  • distances involved

Cycling to and from school

Children under the age of 12 may ride on footpaths, as can a supervising adult. They are required to give way to pedestrians and to wheel their bicycles over pedestrian and children’s crossings.

Children aged 12 years or older are required by law to ride on the road.

Road safety authorities recommend that children under the age of 9 are supervised by an adult when riding on the road. Depending on their cycling skills and experience, some children over this age may still require supervision.

Schools may wish to provide secure storage for bicycles and helmets. If bicycle theft is a problem, school councils are encouraged to provide a roofed and locked bicycle enclosure within the sight of staff. Fixed rails within the enclosure should be installed to enable bicycles and helmets to be individually secured.

If the cycling is an organised activity or excursion then schools must follow the guidance on Cycling, in the Guidance tab of the Excursions Policy (refer to the chapter on Adventure Activities).


Parents and students should be reminded that the law requires that all cyclists wear an approved bicycle helmet.

Approved helmets have the Australian Standards Mark TM (AS/NZS 2063) and will be marked as suitable for cycling.



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Reviewed 20 May 2020