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Cybersafety and Responsible Use of Digital Technologies


The following resources are made available to schools to assist schools to engage with digital technology in a safe and responsible way.

Acceptable Use Agreement templates

The Department has provided these Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) templates to assist schools to develop student agreements around the acceptable use of the internet, online services and digital technologies. Each template includes references and provides ideas for schools that are implementing 1-to-1 programs.

The AUA must be accurate, communicated across the community and reviewed regularly. Sending a copy of the AUA home or publishing it on the school website will assist parents to support their child's appropriate internet use.

Primary schools 

Acceptable use agreement for primary schools - guidelines and template. For Years 1-4:

Upper primary and secondary schools

Acceptable use agreement for upper primary and secondary schools - guidelines and template:

Cybersafety resources

The Department’s Bully Stoppers toolkit provides dedicated resources on cybersafety and cyberbullying. Bully Stoppers also offers cyberbullying advice sheets for primary and secondary students, and promotional materials that schools can use to teach their community about cyberbullying prevention. 

The eSmart and the eSafety Commissioner websites provide access to advice and support, information, current research, teaching guides, lesson plans and resources to help schools improve cybersafety and reduce cyberbullying. 

For teachers 

For principals

For students

For parents

Parents and carers are their child's first role model when it comes to online behaviour.  

The following fact sheet may assist in encouraging the safe and respectful use of social media and to provide tips to parents for being a positive role model: Social media & your school

Responding to online incidents

The Department has developed a step-by-step guide for schools, which provides practical steps and actions to respond to an online incident of concern:

Trusted eSafety provider program

Trusted eSafety Providers are quality online safety education providers who have had their online safety content endorsed by eSafety. Schools wishing to engage an online safety education expert to present to their school community, can choose a registered provider through the Trusted eSafety provider program.

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