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January 2020



This policy outlines how schools can have their Congestion Levy fee paid by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA). This policy falls within the 'Manage' stage of the School Asset Lifecycle.


The Congestion Levy Act 2005 (Vic)External Link imposes an annual levy on off-street parking spaces within designated areas of Melbourne.

The VSBA pays congestion levy fees on behalf of schools. The following schools are affected by the congestion levy legislation:

  • St Kilda Park Primary School
  • Montague Continuing Education Centre
  • Carlton Gardens Primary School
  • Fitzroy High School
  • Carlton Primary School
  • North Melbourne Primary School
  • Collingwood English Language School
  • Queensberry Street North Melbourne
  • Brunswick Secondary College

Affected schools, listed above, receive an annual return form from the State Revenue Office each November, which is pre-populated with the number of parking spaces believed to be attached to the school.

Schools must ensure that the number of car parking spaces on the annual return form is correct and return the annual return form to the State Revenue Office confirming the number of car parking spaces by 21 January the following year. The form will include explanatory notes for how schools ensure the number of car parking spaces are listed correctly.

Schools that do not return their annual return forms to the State Revenue Office before 21 January will receive a default assessment based on the use of parking spaces in the preceding calendar year.

Schools can seek re-assessment by the State Revenue Office following the inaccurate default assessment. Schools can do this by contacting the State Revenue Office via the State Revenue Office websiteExternal Link .

When the State Revenue Office has assessed the annual return form, and finalised any re-assessment process following a default assessment, they will invoice the VSBA with the levy fee. The VSBA will pay the levy fee directly to the State Revenue Office on behalf of schools. Schools are not required to take any further action.

For more information regarding the Congestion Levy, refer to the State Revenue Office websiteExternal Link .


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