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15 June 2020


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March 2020



The following calendars show the fortnightly pay periods and pay days for Department employees. The calendars also show the confirmed school vacation periods for school employees (note: the attendance days for students may differ).

Public holidays are as displayed however are subject to change at any time.

The above calendars retain tabs for 2022 and 2023.

Some issues have been identified when files have been opened on devices running the iOS operating system (Apple products) with the formatting and date structure of the calendars. We recommend that users of these devices use the PDF version of these calendars.

Pay finalisation calendars for administrative staff

Pay finalisation calendars may be used by employees responsible for updating details on the payroll. These calendars show the pay finalisation dates for each pay period (Friday before pay day).

All payroll transactions should be completed well before pay finalisation. To avoid possible errors and overpayments to employees, do not leave transactions for completion on the day of pay finalisation. Changes affecting a pay period should be processed on the payroll as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to correct any errors prior to pay finalisation. These calendars include a recommended day for transactions to be completed by allowing sufficient time to make further amendments or corrections before the pay is finalised for the fortnight.

However, where an urgent entry is required on pay finalisation, the transactions must be completed no later than 6:00pm to be effective for that pay.

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Calendars showing fortnightly pay periods and pay days:

Pay finalisation calendars for administrative staff:

Reviewed 12 March 2020