All Department and school council employees are expected to successfully complete the online Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Course. The course aims to raise awareness of Department policies on workplace conduct and educate staff about their rights and responsibilities under equal opportunity, discrimination and workplace bullying laws. It is one of a range of initiatives to ensure safe, inclusive and productive workplaces.

The course comprises 3 components. A list of the 3 components and the required component completion timeframes are listed below:

  1. Discrimination and Harassment Equal OpportunitiesExternal Link and Sexual HarassmentExternal Link — within 3 months of employment or as soon as possible
  2. Addressing Workplace BullyingExternal Link (either for employees or for managers) — within 3 months of employment or as soon as possible.
  3. Discrimination, Harrassment and Bullying (refresher — 3 years after the Discrimination and Harassment and Bullying components have been commenced (whether or not components have been completed) and again every 3 years after that

Note: When a course component is completed, it becomes available as a general resource that may be accessed at any time thereafter.

Course access

Monitoring staff progress

Principals can monitor staff progression and completion rates of the online course by registering as a Direct Manager at: Link . Further information about monitoring usage can be obtained from the Learning and Development unit by emailing

Training for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Workplace

Reviewed 30 March 2020

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