Tutor engagement

A tutor must be either:

  • a teacher currently registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
  • a teacher with VIT Permission to Teach (Teacher Tutor)
  • a pre-service teacher (employed as an education support class employee) working under the supervision of a teacher
  • a speech therapist or occupational therapist (employed as an education support class employee) employed to enable learning support for identified students.

Retired teachers may also be employed as tutors where they have re-registered with the VIT. Retired teachers may contact the VITExternal Link for support.

The VIT offers advice about eligibility requirements for tutors in 2022. For more information visit Victorian Government Tutor Learning InitiativeExternal Link .

Tutor employment arrangements must be consistent with the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017 (VGSA 2017) and relevant Department employment policies.

Government schools select and recruit tutors to work in their schools using their regular recruitment processes. Schools are supported in their recruitment through the Recruitment Online Portal (ROL) pool of interested tutors. This is available to schools for the duration of 2022. Further information on registering interest through the ROL is provided at the Tutor learning initiative: information for prospective tutorsExternal Link webpage.

Consistent with the VGSA 2017, the school's tutor work force plan should be developed using the school’s consultative arrangements including the use of merit processes to ensure the best tutor is selected to meet the needs of identified students. This process applies to both local workforce decisions and ROL tutor processes.

Victorian government schools are not required to advertise tutor positions for the Tutor Learning Initiative on Recruitment Online. Instead, schools will be able to access the register of interested tutors through the Recruitment Online Portal fast track system to identify and shortlist suitable tutors for recruitment.

Guidance and resources on the process for tutor appointments are available on Recruitment Online Help for RecruitersExternal Link (staff login required).

All tutors will be subject to the usual pre-employment check requirements that apply under the Recruitment in Schools guide.

Schools and tutors will be supported through a professional learning program.

Further guidance about assessing and identifying students for support is now provided on the Guidance chapter Student assessment and selection for support.

Tutor Learning Initiative: Implementation Guidance. Chapter on tutor engagement including who can be a tutor and recruitment information

Reviewed 22 June 2022

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