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Tutor Learning Initiative 2021


Funding for the Tutor Learning Initiative will be provided to schools as a specific purpose payment through a Student Resource Package (SRP) credit allocation and must be spent during the 2021 calendar year. Schools may also use additional funds through, for example, equity funding to expand this Initiative in 2021.

To ensure schools can participate effectively in the Initiative, schools will receive a base level allocation of $15,000, with additional loadings based on student enrolments and disadvantage.

Schools were advised on their Tutor Learning funding allocations and expected contributions by email on Wednesday 4 November 2020. This email advice included:

  • the estimated number of staff (FTE) schools are able to engage with this funding
  • the estimated number of students they can directly support with this funding

School finance contributions

Where schools have unspent credit funds in excess of $10,000 provided for the employment of teaching and support staff, a proportion of these unspent funds may be directed to support the engagement of tutors under the Tutor Learning Initiative 2021.

This proportion will be no more than 30% of the Tutor Learning Initiative allocation, providing this does not exceed 50% of its SRP credit surplus, and that a school’s remaining credit balance is greater than $10,000, as at 22 October 2020.

Planning for the Tutor Learning Initiative

The funding allocation for each school is based on a model of students receiving two or three 45-minute sessions each week in groups of no more than five students for 26 weeks. Each school is allocating this funding to meet their specific context and identified student needs across a range of 2021 time frames.

Tutor Learning Initiative: Implementation Guidance. Chapter on funding arrangements for the Tutor Learning Initiative.

Reviewed 28 January 2021

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