School audits

The Victorian Schools Animal Ethics Committee (VSAEC) and Animal Welfare Victoria are responsible for auditing the use of animals in schools.

VSAEC inspections – monitoring the care and use of animals

The VSAEC has the authority to visit schools and inspect project compliance, animal housing facilities, and monitoring and record keeping. This only applies to schools undertaking a project or activity that has been approved by the VSAEC, including pre-approved activities.

Audits are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and aim to assist schools to meet their animal welfare requirements. They involve a pre-inspection questionnaire followed by an inspection visit by suitably qualified members of the VSAEC. A report will be prepared and released to the school principal and any staff involved in the projects.

Inspection records include:

  • the results of the pre-inspection questionnaire
  • the names of those who visited the school
  • a record of observations
  • a list of any identified problems
  • follow-up correspondence with the school and teachers regarding outcomes of the visit.

It is important that schools maintain their record keeping of animals as these documents are requested as part of any inspection.

Animal Welfare Victoria audits

Every 3 years the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) through Animal Welfare Victoria conducts audits of licences and assesses compliance by all parties involved in the use of animals in schools – institutions, the VSAEC, schools and animal facilities, teachers.

Audits are an educational opportunity for schools, teachers, the VSAEC and auditors. The audit process can be used to evaluate and improve the facilities, procedures, and the delivery of approved projects.

Guidance chapter on individual school visits conducted by the Victorian Schools Animal Ethics Committee, to inspect animal housing and laboratory areas and record findings

Reviewed 11 October 2022

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