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13 Evaluating the school review model

13.1 Evaluating the school review model

School reviews are influential in contributing to ongoing school and system improvements. The new school review model enhances the impact of review on student learning and school culture by increasing its agility to respond more accurately to each school’s context and improvement planning opportunities.

The new school review model represents a change. Like any such change, it requires monitoring, both to ensure it is working effectively, and to identify adjustments that can increase its impact. Evaluation of the model is both local and systemic, and the perspectives of review participants are central to a transparent assessment of its flexibility, relevance and influence.

Students will contribute their perceptions and experiences through the review process as a direct expression of the value placed on student voice, agency and leadership. Their views about the future of learning in their school are fundamental to the purpose, precision and impact of every school review.

A formal evaluation process, including feedback from review participants, will shape the direction of further implementation. Evaluation outcomes will identify areas of improvement and drive yearly refinement of the new review process.

13.2 Post-review surveys

The Department will conduct post-review surveys to gain feedback from core members of the School Review Panels and challenge partners.

The surveys are designed to garner quantitative and qualitative data about the experiences of review participants. They capture information about their satisfaction with the process and the quality of service and support provided to the school.

Survey questions will differ for each review participant group so that their unique experiences are captured. This will enable the identification of strengths and weaknesses, providing the Department with clear insights into each review ‘in action’. All participants are invited to add comments at the end of the survey to elicit any information not already covered.

‘Internationally and across Australia, student agency is strongly linked to motivation, engagement, achievement and the development of independent and collaborative learners capable of self- direction and self-regulation.’xxii

Guidance chapter on school and Department evaluation of the school review model

Reviewed 13 June 2020

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