1 Deputy Secretary's message

Dear colleagues,

At the heart of the Victorian education system is the desire to achieve excellence and equity for all our children and young people. Collectively, we are committed to every student having access to a world class education, no matter their background or circumstance.

We achieve excellence by consistently focusing on improving the outcomes of all learners across Victoria. With this in mind, we have developed a new model of school review that introduces a school and community-led, self-sustaining cycle of continuous improvement. It ensures all schools are supported by the system on a needs basis, to strengthen and improve student outcomes.

The 2018 school review guidelines bring together new school review tools and resources to support schools in promoting excellence in teaching practice, connecting and engaging every student to their learning and empowering active and collaborative partnerships between school leaders, teachers and students, and the broader community as they work towards common goals.

Everybody — students, teachers and school leaders — shares the responsibility for contributing to a meaningful, purposeful and challenging school review. This approach dives deeper into understanding what is happening in our classrooms, how we are engaging and amplifying student voice and how we are using evidence to enable professional practices that improve learning outcomes for all students.

By reinvigorating school reviews, we demonstrate our professional obligations to all students by better understanding performance and practice and by planning for, and implementing, classroom teaching and learning practices of the highest quality.

As educators our challenge is to connect our moral purpose with the professional practice, knowledge and ethics in our schools and classrooms to create the conditions for powerful learning. The school review model, supported by the materials in these guidelines, presents a practical response to assist each school review panel in shaping recommendations for next steps on each school’s journey to excellence.

Bruce Armstrong

Deputy Secretary, Regional Services Group

School Review Guidelines chapter providing Deputy Secretary's message

Reviewed 09 June 2020

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