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Re-engagement Programs

Managing students in re-engagement program

Providers of re-engagement programs must record and report attendance and contract arrangements.

Recording and reporting attendance

Re-engagement programs must:

  • keep an attendance roll at least half daily of attendance and absence, in line with requirements for all schools
  • promptly report any absences and the reason for absence to the enrolling school

Enrolling schools must:

  • record students attending a re-engagement program on CASES21 using absence code 613 ‘Re-engagement program'
  • if advised of a student absence from re-engagement program on a day of scheduled attendance, record the absence on CASES21 using the appropriate code

Schools and programs should maintain regular contact regarding attendance issues at the program and strategies to address non-attendance.

Recording enrolments on the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS)

The enrolling school must enrol all students attending an approved senior secondary re-engagement program on the VASS and:

  • indicate enrolment as participating in a satellite or community Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) certificate
  • identify the provider details and the location where the VCAL provision occurs

Identifying students in senior secondary re-engagement programs on VASS helps:

  • schools monitor the progress and achievement of these students
  • the Department to identify additional enrolments following February census that are eligible for allocation of pro-rata Student Resource Package (SRP)

Schools should contact the VASS administrative support unit by:

Only schools with approved programs can select community or satellite VCAL certificates on VASS.

Guidance chapter on managing students in re-engagement programs, including reporting attendance and recording enrolments on VASS

Reviewed 13 April 2021

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