Contract arrangements

When a student attends a re-engagement program, the enrolling school retains duty of care for the student. However, where the program is run by another school or provider, the enrolling school may have no or little capacity to oversee the day-to-day running of the program.

The enrolling school must use a written agreement between the school and provider detailing the responsibilities of each party, and the funding arrangements that are in place.

Enrolling primary schools, lower secondary schools, and senior secondary schools can find standard contracts and agreements and fees for re-engagement programs and non-school senior secondary education providers under the Resources tab.

Independent or Catholic schools seeking to access a re-engagement program for their enrolled students must negotiate contract arrangements directly with the provider.

For information on purchasing senior secondary courses and vocational education and training from external providers, refer to the Department's policy: Purchasing Secondary Courses and Vocational Training from External Providers.

Guidance chapter on contract agreements between the enrolling school and the provider of the re-engagement program (where there is one)

Reviewed 08 December 2020

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