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Employee Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy

3  Supports for OHS incidents and near-misses

Accidents and emergencies

If someone is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help, their life or property is being threatened or they have just witnessed a serious accident or crime, call 000 immediately.

Please ensure you give the emergency services precise details about your location (there are security access issues for many properties) and liaise with your building's security.

Use your team's OHS notice board (located in communal areas on your floor), your building's Security Management or the Department's Incident Support and Operations Centre (ISOC) as your primary source of information in an emergency.

For routine security issues including access inquiries, contact the Security Unit on

For non-routine security issues including security threats and bomb threats, contact ISOC on 1800 126 126.

Incidents and near-misses

We take the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees and contractors seriously at the Department. As an employee, you have a responsibility to report injuries, incidents, near-misses or hazards on eduSafe Plus (login required), the Department's Incident Reporting and Hazard Management system. You can also report an incident on behalf of other employees. Consult the OHS Advisory Service for further information about how to manage incidents and near-misses (refer to Chapter 1 Useful Contacts).

For more information, refer to the Department’s policy on Reporting and Managing School Incidents (including Emergencies).


The Department engages service providers to respond to incidents or events, including those that involve hazardous building materials. The Make Safe Program operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact: 1300 133 468.

Essential Safety Measures support for schools is being established to provide technical advice around Essential Safety Measures compliance.

Conflict Resolution Support Service

Sometimes people experience workplace conflict that becomes difficult resolve in their usual team setting.

The Conflict Resolution Support Service is available for Department employees and managers who need support in addressing workplace conflict. The service provides mediation, case conference and facilitated meetings, conflict coaching and team conflict intervention. This service is provided by Converge International and can be arranged by your principal or manager.

Workplace bullying

Bullying is against the Department's values and may lead to action under the Department's policy and guidance on Complaints, Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance — Teaching Service. The Department's leaders at all levels have been explicit that bullying is not tolerated at any level.

Our Workplace Bullying Policy defines bullying as repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards or from an employee or group of employees that creates a risk to health and safety. Bullying may be either direct or indirect and can be carried out verbally, physically or in writing via email, social media, instant messaging and text messaging.

Every one of us has a role to play in preventing bullying and maintaining respectful spaces where people feel safe and welcome to be at work.

For more information, refer to the Department's Workplace Bullying Policy.

Workers' Compensation and Returning to Work

For many people, being at work isn't just a job; it's also about being part of a team or achieving a sense of satisfaction through the work that they do. Being away from work due to injury or a work-related illness can be disruptive and even distressing.

The Department is committed to safely helping injured employees get back to work. There is a mutual obligation between an employee and their manager to discuss business continuity and return to work planning immediately after an injury. This can provide peace of mind that a plan is in place.

For more information, talk to your Return to Work Coordinator. Support for Return to Work Coordinators can be accessed through the Workers' Compensation Advisory Line on 03 9637 2441.

For more information, refer to: Return to Work Coordinator Portal (login required).

Medical Advisory Service

The Medical Advisory Service information has moved to its new home at Medical Advisory Service.

Guidance chapter 3 of the OHS Management System (OHSMS) containing a list of supports for OHS incidents and near-misses, including information on the Medical Advisory Service

Reviewed 12 October 2021

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