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Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO)

The FISO Implementation Guidance

To achieve school improvement goals, effective implementation is required. Victorian schools have different strengths, starting points and contexts — there is no one-size-fits-all model for school improvement. This guidance is based on the work of Victorian schools and research evidence and is intended to support the efforts of school leaders, staff and their communities to improve student achievement, wellbeing and engagement.

There are 6 Implementation Guides designed to provide specific implementation advice for 6 FISO dimensions. The Strategic Enablers for Implementation Guides supports schools to reflect on and strengthen 4 enablers of school improvement.

FISO Implementation Guides

The 6 FISO Implementation Guides help schools use the FISO Improvement Cycle to translate their improvement strategies into the everyday work of staff:

2021 advice to schools on how to use the guides (login required)

Implementation toolkit

The guides contain suggested actions at different stages of the improvement cycle. The following templates are available to download separately to support schools to undertake these actions with their staff:

The Strategic Enablers for Implementation Guide

Achieving school improvement goals will depend on effective implementation, which requires several enablers working together to mitigate challenges and support continuous learning. This new guide outlines 4 key enablers that cut across and support improvement strategies and actions.

The guide supports schools to reflect on and strengthen the 4 key enablers. They build off the Essential Elements, which are pre-conditions to implementation, and should be in place as foundations for school improvement.

The 4 strategic enablers are:

  1. Self-evaluation capability throughout a school
  2. Real-time data for monitoring implementation
  3. Leadership capability for school improvement
  4. Robust implementation structures

Each of these may already be an effective enabler in your school. One or more may warrant more attention to maximise success.

Frequently asked questions about the Implementation Guidance  

Guidance chapter outlining the FISO Implementation Guidance

Reviewed 10 March 2021

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