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Ergonomics and Workspace

1 Ergonomic Hazard Identification

Ergonomics is the study of how a workplace, the equipment used and the work environment itself can best be designed for comfort, efficiency, safety and productivity. Often we can improve our levels of comfort and productivity with relatively simple changes.

Although ergonomics is a broad field, the main areas of concern for schools and employees will relate to:

  • workstations (sitting and standing)
  • equipment layout and operation
  • noise
  • lighting
  • thermal comfort
  • manual handling
  • psychological hazards (e.g. work pressure)

If an ergonomic issue is identified it should be reported to the principal or their delegate and/or the Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

The principal and/or their delegate must ensure that ergonomic and workspace hazards are identified and recorded in the ‘Hazard type’ column of OHS Risk RegisterExternal Link (for example, ergonomics).

Chapter 1 of the Ergonomics and Workspace Procedure on identifying ergonomic issues in schools

Reviewed 28 January 2021

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