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COVID-19 — Teaching and Learning


This page is intended to bring together key information for schools in relation to teaching, learning, assessment and general curriculum delivery that has been recently published by the Department in light of COVID-19. Rather than duplicating information from other parts of the Department's website we have linked to these sources in the Resources tab for this topic.


Schools should contact for support if they:

  • are experiencing challenges in meeting compliance requirements for existing technologies in their school
  • believe they have a technology gap that cannot be met by the technologies provided by the Department

For privacy questions, schools may email:

For advice on copyright, schools may email: 

For advice on assessment of students, schools may email:

For advice on student reporting, schools may email:

Policy for Department COVID-19 teaching and learning information

Reviewed 05 February 2021

Policy last updated

27 October 2020


  • Schools


Learning, Teaching and Pathways Division There are multiple contacts for this policy. Refer to the Contact section of this policy for details.

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