Principal checklist

To prepare for the completion of the Annual Report in the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT), principals should complete the following actions.


  • Organise a school council meeting before 30 April to present and seek endorsement of the draft Annual Report. It is recommended that this meeting is arranged for Term 1 due to the timing of the school holidays
  • Confirm the school council president can access their @education email, and the account details are up to date, so they can log in to SPOT. Please refer to the Access to SPOT for school council presidents chapter for further details
  • If you are concerned that your school may not be compliant with one or more of the Minimum Standards for School Registration, contact the department’s School Compliance Unit for support, phone: 03 9084 8788 or email:
  • Review the school’s performance summary on SPOTExternal Link (staff login required)
  • Complete the ‘About our school’ commentary on SPOT and attest the draft Annual Report
  • Download the draft Annual Report for presentation to school council

Before 30 April

  • Present the draft Annual Report at a school council meeting for endorsement
  • After endorsement by the school council, ensure the school council president attests the Annual Report in SPOT


  • Update your Annual Report, if required, as a result of the quality assurance process run by the department
  • Once you receive notification that your Annual Report has either not been selected for quality assurance, or has passed quality assurance, download the final Annual Report from SPOT, including cover page, attestations and commentary
  • Share the final Annual Report with the school community via the school website


  • Share the final Annual Report with the school community at a public meeting of the school council
Includes a summary of key actions to support principals with the process of drafting and finalising the Annual Report to the school community

Reviewed 27 February 2023

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