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Annual Report to the School Community

Principal checklist – a summary of key actions for principals

The following checklist is available to support principals with the annual process of drafting and finalising the Annual Report to the school community.


  • Organise a school council meeting before 30 April to present and seek endorsement of the draft Annual Report
  • Check the school council president’s @education account is up to date so they can access SPOT
  • If your school is not compliant with the Minimum Standards for school registration, please contact the department’s School Compliance Unit for support to become compliant, phone: 03 9084 8788 or email:
  • Review the school’s Performance Summary on the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link (staff login required)
  • Complete the ‘About our school’ commentary on SPOT and attest the draft Annual Report
  • Download the draft Annual Report for presentation to school council

Before 30 April

  • Present the draft Annual Report at a school council meeting for endorsement
  • Following endorsement by school council, ensure the school council president attests the Annual Report in SPOT


  • Updates to the Annual Report may be required as a result of the quality assurance process run by the department
  • Download the final Annual Report from SPOT, including cover page, attestations and commentary
  • Share the final Annual Report with the school community at a public meeting of school council and make the report available on the school website
Includes a summary of key actions to support principals with the process of drafting and finalising the Annual Report to the school community

Reviewed 28 February 2022

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