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Addressing remote and flexible learning in the Annual Report

The Victorian community's experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, including remote and flexible learning, had a significant impact on normal school operations in 2021. Schools may wish to address this impact in the ‘About our school’ commentary of the 2021 Annual Report:

  • Schools may discuss the successes and challenges that arose in their specific contexts during remote and flexible learning through the ‘About our school’ commentary. They may wish to explain how their school adapted to changed learning conditions and the way they plan to move forward in 2022.
  • When completing the ‘About our school’ commentary, principals may wish to reference 2021 mid-year and end-of year monitoring documents or 2022 Annual Implementation Plan to inform their responses.

Principals can find further guidance on how to incorporate the context of remote and flexible learning in the ‘About our school’ tab on the Strategic Planning Online ToolExternal Link (login required).

Guidance chapter on addressing remote and flexible learning in the Annual Report

Reviewed 28 February 2022

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