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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

Stage 4: Implement and monitor

Regular monitoring and reflection are crucial to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) 2.0 improvement cycle and underpin the successful implementation of the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP).

Based on their monitoring efforts, schools should frequently review the AIP and adjust their plans. By doing so, the SIT will be able to leverage implementation successes, respond to challenges and maintain a sharp focus on their targets for improvement.

Monitor the Annual Implementation Plan

Complete monitoring activities in the Strategic Planning Online Tool

The monitoring and assessment tab in the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link supports schools by providing the functionality to track progress on a term-by-term basis.

When meeting to discuss AIP progress, schools should:

  • reflect on the implementation of the AIP, and whether there have been any changes in knowledge, skills or behaviour from students, teachers, and leaders
  • analyse student outcomes data to monitor progress towards 12-month Targets
  • provide commentary on progress and impact to date, identifying any evidence or data used to assess progress and impact
  • identify any enablers and barriers to achieving the Outcomes
  • identify any future actions to be undertaken as a result, and document these for future reference
  • support other school staff to analyse and understand the current level of progress towards 12-month Targets.

Schools should complete monitoring in SPOT at the end of each Term. Based on the results of monitoring, the SIT may wish to adjust their AIP to refocus efforts towards achieving the 12-month Targets across the remainder of the year.

Schools formally document the mid-year monitoring discussion in SPOT by mid-July. This activity should be undertaken with the support of the Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL). During this time, the Funding Planner should also be reviewed.

Updating the School Strategic Plan

The School Strategic Plan (SSP) Goals and associated Targets and Key Improvement Strategies (KIS) are developed following a school review and provide the intended directions for a 4-year period. During the process of developing an AIP, and over the life of the SSP, the school may identify a need to adapt the SSP. Such changes may be required if the school becomes involved in a new major initiative, if a new problem of practice is identified through analysis of evidence, or if the school determines through end-of-year assessment that a new KIS is necessary in order to improve the student outcomes identified in Targets.

To modify the SSP:

  • the SEIL must be consulted and a rationale for the changes presented
  • the school council must be consulted on the changes.

When modifying the SSP:

  • the KIS should not be deleted, but modified or added to
  • Targets should be edited only where there has been a change in dataset, or when a new dataset has become available.

To modify the SSP following approval from the SEIL and school council, contact to unlock the SSP on SPOT for editing.

Includes information on Stage 4 of the AIP

Reviewed 05 October 2022

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